The Mad Academy

The MAD Academy is a program I am apart of at Santa Barbara High School. MAD stands for “Multimedia Arts & Design”. Both of my brothers were in it years prior to me coming to SBHS, and my brother graduated this year. This year I learned how use Adobe Illustrator. My teacher was Ms. Shapiro who worked with Adobe Illustrator professionally. It was pretty cool learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, because it is a very good skill to have in the real world. For the second half of this school year was Web Design and A.J. Henning was my teacher. He taught us about how to make websites. I made two websites this year. One about surfing, and the other was for an awareness campaign about over fishing. Creating websites take a long time, but in the end it was pretty cool to see your own website on the internet, even if it wasn’t the greatest.

This has been an interesting year learning about all of this stuff. I personally am not the most computer savvy person, other than the fact that I own a computer. I feel like it was a good season learning about all of these things in the MAD academy.


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