Death in his Grave

Today while in Church, we were worshipping to a song by John Mark McMillan called, Death In his Grave. This song is just amazing lyrically. At some parts confusing, but if you think about it, you fully understand the beauty of these lyrics.

The song is quite long, so i am just going to leave you with the chorus:

On Friday a thief
On Sunday a King
Laid down in grief
But awoke with keys
Of Hell on that day
The first born of the slain
The Man Jesus Christ
Laid death in his grave

On Friday Christ would be “numbered among the transgressors”(Isaiah 53:12). On Sunday death would be “swallowed up in victory” (1 Corinthians 15:54) as the King of glory would conquer the grave that Sunday morning. He was “A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” (Isaiah 53:3; Luke 22:44) and was “buried in a rich man’s tomb” (Isaiah 53:9; John 19:38-42). He awoke with the keys of heaven and hell, declaring Him as the only conquerer of death, and the only Savior who can give life (Revelation 1:18; Matthew 16:19; John 11:25). He was the firstborn of the slain (Revelation 5). And the God Man Jesus Christ laid death in his Grave! (Isaiah 25:8)

Please listen, and be encouraged by the song below, and in the love of our great and awesome Lord Jesus Christ who has laid death in his grave.

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