A Wrong View of Love

In our society today, t.v. reality shows, the internet, and America in general have misconstrued love. i could be eating a sandwich and say, “Oh wow, i love this sandwich!”. i have taken this word that means so much and belittled it down to a momentary pleasure of eating a sandwich. The Greek language has four words for love: Storge- a brotherly love, Phileo- a friendship type love, Eros- being loved loving someone, and Agape- loving someone despite their condition or circumstance. That’s how important this word was for the Greeks. They made four words so that they could better understand love.

Here is the thing though: God IS love (1 John 4:8). Ain’t that crazy? and God’s love is entirely different than ours. We presume that if a person likes a person enough, they love each other. “Mom! i am in love with this girl! She is so pretty! i love her personality! And were gonna get married!”. This is the worlds view of love. Think of who loves you: your family, mom, friends, family, etc. Do you not know that anyone in this world and the love that they can give to you is utter rubbish in comparison to the love of Christ? Jesus says, “There is NO GREATER LOVE than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:3. This is love. This love is difficult. It costs you your life. It cost the Father His Son.

From this post we can learn one thing: we are desperate for love, and we long for a love that sticks. Let me tell you one thing though, if you are getting your love solely from humans you soon will become addicted to that, if not already. C.S. Lewis would brilliantly said, “Affection (love) is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.” Understand this: every other love apart from God is going to fail you. Considered that this love is from humans. But there is Good News! God is longing to pour out His perfect, everlasting, infinite love that is better than life into your heart today. If you do not believe God loves you look to the cross.
This is where The God of the universe would offer Himself to die because of our rebellion against Him, so that we could be with Him forever.

Ask Jesus to come pour out His love into your heart today. It is better than life, and it doesn’t stop.

photo: frtim.files.wordpress.com

photo: frtim.files.wordpress.com

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