The Broken Are Made Whole

Recently i was on facebook when a question appeared from someone, and it was a really good question. She asked, “When Rahab lied about the spies being in her house, was it a sin, since the Bible tells us not to lie?” First off, before we get into my response let’s talk about who the heck Rahab is. Rahab was a prostitute who was raised in a pagan culture in Jericho. The Lord had promised the Israelites Jericho, and two spies went up to scout out the territory. Rahab protected the spies, for she knew that the God of the Israelites is the One True God. But she lied to the king about hiding the spies. This was a pretty tough question. since it was, i cheated and look it up. Here was my response after reading someone else’s idea:

“Yes, indeed it was a sin. But she was a prostitute as well, and lived in a pagan culture. She was a sinner like us all. God saw her faith/ gave her faith to trust in Him, and rewarded her in spite of her sin. Does God condone her lie? No. But out of His kindness He lead her to repentance. If she had not lived a life of righteousness and repentance after meeting the Israelites, she wouldn’t be in the hall of faith in Hebrews 11. She confesses that “the Lord you God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.(josh.2:11). God is concerned with our hearts, and Rahab’s was melted (josh 2:11), (meaning she feared The Lord greatly). As well she doesn’t say the Israelites have done all of these awesome things, but The Lord. (Josh 2:8-9). In conclusion: Rahab sinned, as we all have. The Lord saved Rahab in spite of herself and sin, for His own glory, as Christ has done with all of us. God doesn’t say be morally perfect, He says give yourself to Me completely forever. Trust in Me with all your heart, and let Me change you; I will mold you, change you, and redeem you. And it’s nothing that you have done, it’s all about what I am doing. This is what i believe The Lord did with Rahab, and does with all of us. This is no excuse to keep on sinning however; thinking God will just change us along the way and we can sin as much as we’d like . Read Romans 5:20-the rest of chapter 6, along with Philippians 3:12 for understanding.”

Allow God to change you this week. Be open to Him, and allow Him conform and mold you to Himself.




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