Why Functional Saviors Don’t Function

A functional savior is an idol. you can be your functional savior, your friends can be your functional savior, your dog, parents, surfing, drugs, anything. We make idols out of anything and everything. Tim Keller says, “Our hearts are idol factories.”

Let me give you an example. i surf. i love surfing, it’s really fun. and let’s say i had just the worst day at school. i say, ” to heck with that i’m going surfing to get rid of my problems. if i surf well, this whole day can be redeemed. if i just get the best waves and surf better than everyone than i will be satisfied and saved from this hell of a day i had. Wrong. This will not work! Because i will always be going back to the functional savior for fleeting joy and dissolving satisfaction. We go to creation to be our saviors, and not the Creator, Jesus, who is the Only True Savior who brings true joy and satisfaction and i can attest to that Truth.

So why does God care so much about when we go to other things for our satisfaction? Because He is omniscient, the smartest, and the greatest there every will be. He knows what’s best for us. Or else He would not have died for us. He wants you to be satisfied in Him, and rest in Him and actually be satisfied for the first time in your life, because He cares for you 1 Peter 5:7 says.

Come to Jesus today. Accept Him as Savior and Lord. Stop going to the world for satisfaction because it never will satisfy you. Only Jesus can. Only He can. Give Him your life today forever. He is deserving of it.

Photo: brucemubayiwa.files.wordpress.com

Photo: brucemubayiwa.files.wordpress.com

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