Who is your Lord?

We all are slaves. you make think, Austin, you crazy. my ancestors came to America to gain freedom so that they wouldn’t be slaves! American, land of the Free, home of the Brave. yes, these thing are true. But the Bible doesn’t say that we are physically slaves to people, but spiritually.
Jesus says anyone who sins is a slave to sin(John 8:34). So, since everyone has sinned this makes us slaves of sin, as The Lord says. do you know how much that sucks? It’s absolutely horrible. It means that as free as we think we are, we always will enslaved to sin. and, “The wages of sin is death.”(Romans 6:23). so, were enslaved and dead.
But thanks be to our Lord Jesus who breaks the bondage and slavery of sin by the Cross. He broke the chains and fetters binding you to your former master sin. He lets you go if you accept Him as Lord and Master. Whoa, i understand its good that im not a slave to sin anymore, but if im leaving slavering why am i going back to it? That is a great question. Jesus’ yoke is easy, and wonderful. It is not only the biggest privilege in the entire universe to serve Jesus as Lord, but it is the only way that we can truly be free. Crazy right? Well it’s true. We were never meant to run our own lives, and live for our own glory. We were made completely to depend on God and worship Him because He is so dang good. Since we sinned, sin became our master. This corrupts us, and lies to us saying that if your not completely dependent on God as Lord, you’ll be unhappy and oppressed. On the contrary, sin is that. To be a slave of the God of universe who is the greatest blessing we could ever think of. It is so awesome we should be flipping out because of the grace of God to allow us to be His slaves and Children, who rightfully deserve  damnation, and hell.

this whole post is about one question: who is your master? who is your Lord? Jesus says we can only serve one master, and hate one and love the other. you can accept thing King of glory who loves you more than you could ever fathom today, or you can go on be a slave to sin and death. choose wisely today, God waits for you.




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