Vain Pursuits and Death

my friend Kaleb Riley and i have been going through Ecclesiastes the past couple of months. The theme of this book is the vanity and meaninglessness of life apart from God. Solomon, the son of David, was the king of Israel. he had it all!  about 1000 wives and concubines, horses, cattle, land, fame, riches, glory, and wisdom. everything you could desire, he had. Sadly though, all of this made him sad. Desperately depressed you could say. How? how could that be? he has it all! Solomon would disagree. all his money will be gone, all of the labor he has done to get where he is will not be remembered, all of his things will eventually burn, all his wives will die, and he will die. he says throughout this whole book EVERYTHING IS VANITY. Nothing makes sense. we all will die. nothing matters if we die, so what’s the point of even living. what’s really funny is that this is true for us today. we try to hide from the truth that we will be dead soon, and our loved ones will die, and our pets will die. we have no reason to live if we are living just to die.

but thanks be to God, that He gives us meaning to exist. Solomon felt this way because he was living for himself, his glory, his name, and himself. we are not meant to live this way. we were NEVER meant to live this way. We were made to glorify God, not ourselves. and since God is infinite and worthy of all glory and honor, we have meaning to live. get this through your head, we have no meaning apart from God. the Cross fixes our hearts. it makes us want to give glory to God who saved us.

so now that we know why we live, how can we avoid being Solomon? we must give ourselves daily and be committed and surrendered to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. we must ask for His help to fix our eyes off ourselves which are finite and put our eyes back on God who is infinite. Ask Him today to give you a heart sold out for His glory and renown. He is worthy of our hearts and glory.

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