when i was about 10 years old, i got saved at my Church Reality. This Church started in 2003 by my good friend Britt Merrick. since 2003, Reality has been Church planting in Stockton, London, L.A., Santa Barbara, and Ventura, with many more to come. Britt had taken a leave of absence with his family for the last 10 months, due to their daughters Daisy Love Merrick and her fight with cancer. Since September of 2009, she has been diagnosed with cancer 4 times, the most recent one a couple months ago.

This is the most heart breaking story. In times like these, you can’t help but ask why God? But that is the wrong question. God is God, and He is good, that’s all. Two Sunday’s ago, for the first time in 10 months, Britt spoke on what has been happening these past 10 months, and asking God to be there with you in these times, and not question Him and His sovereignty. It is called When Sparrows Fall. comment on how it was.

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